Check out ASSP’s video’s below or the whole playlist on YouTube.

Access to Primary Health Care Project: Six Years of Rebuilding the Health System in DRC

ASSP’s Nutrition Program in Action: The Successful Rehabilitation of Mado

This is sustainability: A weaning food made of locally available ingredients

Building the health system is hard: A day in the life of ASSP’s Construction team

ASSP WASH: Inspiring villages to take health into their own hands

ASSP Leadership & Governance: A hotline connects people with the Ministry of Health

ASSP Overview: Making great strides in the first year

ASSP Nutrition: Giving a hand up rather than a hand out

ASSP Construction: When was the last time you were this happy about something?

What is your greatest hope for your community? This is theirs.

Green Construction in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Lumumba Health Center Time Lapse

Building Health Centers, One Brick at a Time

Women in ASSP Construction


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