Yesterday IMA DRC’s ASSP Project took a giant step forward in honoring its commitment to support the development of human resources for health in the DRC through Integrated Management of Human Resources (iHRIS).

At a ceremony to honor the partnership between IMA and the Ministry of Health, Dr Larry Sthreshley, Country Director of IMA DRC, offered a large donation of office supplies on behalf of ASSP. The ASSP project donated 24 desktop computers, 44 laptops, 22 small and large format printers, 22 LCD displays, 20 solar energy kits, 20 digital fingerprint scanners and 20 webcams.

These materials will be used to forecast the human resources management, basic training and continuing education at the central level and the provincial divisions of health targeted by the project. Some of the equipment will also be used for biometric identification operations officers and officials.

IMA hopes that these materials can contribute to improving the health of the population, as stipulated in the National Health Development Plan 2011-2015.