4,783,498 children screened for malnutrition

ASSP’s nutrition program trained 8,900 community relays on how to identify malnutrition. These relays screened more than three million children during the life of the project.


modern methods of family planning.

2.29 million nets distributed

ASSP’s Malaria Team distributed more than two million insecticide-treated bed nets through its routine and mass distribution programs.

286 health centers completed

ASSP’s Construction Program completed 79 newly constructed health centers and 174 renovations.

1,848,043 births attended

by skilled health personnel at ASSP health facilities.

1,231,490 couple years of protection

provided through the provision of family planning services.

9,097 SGBV survivors treated

with psychosocial support including active listening, GBV-trauma-related counseling, and screening for severe symptoms.

IMA World Health
in the Democratic Republic of COngo

Since 2000, IMA has worked alongside the Congolese government, donors and an array of local and international partners to revitalize the country’s health system, fight diseases and improve the health for a population in desperate need. Such long-term investment in the Democratic Republic of Congo has required resilience, creativity, and an incredible network of staff and partners to navigate successive armed conflicts, political instability, impassable roads and other obstacles that continue to threaten the health and well-being of the population. 

IMA is proud to be a part of the team that is changing the narrative and the trajectory of health care in the DRC. Powered by partnership, new technologies are solving stubborn problems, successes are scaling up into widespread solutions and—most importantly—our vision of health, healing, and well-being for all is becoming more of a reality in the DRC every day.


All of IMA DRC’s projects are structured around the World Health Organization’s Six Pillars of Health System Strengthening. Larger projects like the UK aid-funded ASSP focus on every aspect of improving the health system and reducing morbidity and mortality in women and children under five. Whereas others impact only one or two pillars like the USAID funded Tushinde which focuses on sexual and gender-based violence.

improving health for 9.7 million people in the DRC.

From 2013 to 2019, ASSP supported an estimated 9.7 million people across Kasai, Kasai Central, Nord Ubangi, Maniema and Tshopo provinces, providing life-saving services to more than 10 percent of the total population of the DRC. Many of these people are continuing to reap the benefits of a growing and thriving health system through ASSR.

Health Areas

Health Zones


IMA DRC Programs

The IMA DRC programs listed below often build upon the success of several projects and have continued to operate in some form over the course of many years, receiving funding from several consecutive projects.



Family Planning

Infrastructure & Construction



Safe Deliveries


Improving Access

Hospital Management



Clean Cookstoves

Community Health Endowments

Leadership & Governance

Gender & SGBV

Behavior Change Communications

IMA DRC Leadership

Dr. Larry Sthreshley

Chief of Party

Dr. Larry Sthreshley has been a recognized leader in global public health for over 25 years, focusing primarily in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He has spent most of his life in the Congo, having grown up as the son of Presbyterian missionaries in the Kasaï Provinces. He currently serves as a health liaison with the Presbyterian Mission Agency and is seconded to IMA World Health, serving as IMA’s Country Director for DRC.

Dr Scott Shannon

Deputy Chief of Party

Dr. Shannon grew up in the Democratic Republic of Congo where his father worked as a missionary ophthalmologist for the Presbyterian Mission Agency in the Kasais.

Dr. Bernard Ngoy

Technical Director

Bernard Ngoy, MD, MPH, is a Congolese physician who received his Medical Doctor Diploma in General Human Medicine at the University of Kinshasa in 2001.

After serving as a medical officer at Bulape Hospital for seven years, he studied to receive his Master’s in Public Health from the University of Kinshasa School of Public Health.

26 million patients have visited our health centers and community care sites for curative consultations.

Our Partners

IMA DRC's projects are implemented by a consortium of organizations that work together at all levels of the health system to implement nutrition, obstetric and neonatal care, family planning, immunization as well as water, hygiene and sanitation interventions.
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ASSP Project Ensures Health Zones Stay Connected In DR Congo

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IMA Addresses Malnutrition In DR Congo

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ASSP Empowers Health Zones In DR Congo

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